Dare to wear white!

Picture this!

You’re at an amazing dinner at your favorite restaurant. You glance over at your partners’ eyes and smile romantically, they return that same glance. As you both smile, taking int he happiness surrounding you, a little hand creeps up and grabs your shirt. This is not an abnormal feeling to you as your babies constantly reach for you as if you will disappear if they don’t acknowledge your presences at every moment of the day. You look down at these small eyes looking up at you and you realize that the same hand that has grasped your shirt is covered in the appetizer sauce.

Our partners can wear any color they wish, without fear of the¬†impossible happening to dampen their look. My wardrobe consists of patterns and dark colors to hide stains and messes because, let’s face it, our kids do not discriminate on clothing colors. I wore white once, I can’t remember when, but I know I must have at some point in my life. Does someone have a picture of this? No? hmmm.

Why do you wear a messy mom bun? Because if you didn’t your hair would inevitably end up tangled in the fingers or toy of your blessing in your arms. Why do you not wear heels? Have you ever tried running after a carefree child in heels? Why don’t you ever dress up? Why would I want to ruin that too! I fear sometimes that the dresses in my closet collecting dust are just for the rare special occasion which ends up not fitting correctly when it comes to adorning myself in it.

Do you find yourself wondering what others might think as they look at your disheveled look? do you wonder if by the time your kids get older and this look is all you have in your arsenal if you will embarrass them?

Listen up, I am the worst about this. If I have $20, chances are my kids need something more than I do, and I neglect myself worse than anyone else in my life. Becoming a selfless shell of a once vibrant woman isn’t what I thought of when I became a mom, but reality has smacked me in the face this late in the game.

But, I am here to tell you that we all need to be able to wear white if we want. Don’t limit yourself based on the what-ifs of life. Wear white, wear that dress, shave those legs and slip into whatever makes you feel your best, EVEN if it is after hours and no one will see it but you. We need to feel beautiful, we need to feel taken care of, we need to to take care of ourselves sometimes, we need to be selfish sometimes. It is okay! It doesn’t make you a bad person or even a bad mother. You do what makes you happy, do what refills your tank so that you can continue to give to others.

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