Birthday Party – Nobles Style

My 4th son has a birthday today! He is 4 years old!

The brothers get to decorate the house, which they love! We sing “Happy Birthday” all day, do his favorite things, and have a dinner party.  Now when I say dinner party, I mean a family party after we eat dinner. We will have the birthday boys favorite meal (in this case it’s hot dogs and chips), have cupcakes and open presents. It’s a nice time just the 7 of us celebrating the birthday boy!

It’s simple, easy, inexpensive, less stress and easy clean-up. This is the way I like it. We don’t do big parties right now but I have a feeling this will change as they get older. I am not a party planner. I don’t do very well with themes, games, decorating, etc. I will have to figure something out soon though. I have a sister and brother who love to throw parties and they go all out for them. They love the whole thing from food themes, creative games, amazing and detailed decorating, the whole works.

There are lots of different types of parties. How do you celebrate birthdays? Big party and invite lots of people? Quaint family party? Somewhere in between? Tell me about one of your favorite parties. It can be one of yours or a party you threw for someone else.

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