The Struggle of Gift Giving

We are coming up on the time of year where most people get excited about giving gifts to others. I am not one of them. Gift giving is so difficult for me. I labor over the gift I give someone because I want it to be something they really want. I am very practical. I really want to just buy things my family needs but that’s “not the point of the gift giving time. I should be able to get something the person likes just by paying attention throughout the year.” Ummmm not so much for me.

I have all boys and they are young so they are not too difficult. Although the older they get, the harder it is getting. Anyone else, I am struggle so much! I have really botched up some gifts throughout the years. I gave my husband the same shirt 2 years in a row! (I really liked that shirt!) I gave my brother a picture I knew he would like. Turns out he had just donated it to the store where I bought it. I am sure there are so many more flops out there I just choose not to remember them.

The point is I struggle making sure I give a good gift. I don’t like the idea that I have to give gifts because someone decided it was the right time to do so. I feel the same about Valentines day and other holidays where you are expected to give gifts. I would much rather find something I think looks like that person or that they may like and give it to them. Now people have told me to buy gifts when I find them throughout the year but I get so excited about my gift, I want to give it to the person right away. It may not be the great gift that I thought it would be if I wait for the “right” time to give it.

If you ever get money from me, don’t take offense to it. It may be that I didn’t find the gift “right” for you and I tried(believe me, I tried). This way if I don’t find the right gift for you, you can go out and buy exactly what you want. I hate to buy something for someone knowing they will return it or put it on a shelf (or a box in the attic somewhere) and forget about it. I want my gifts to be meaningful.

The other problem I have is I don’t give into the hype of getting the newest, coolest, most expensive thing out there. I am too frugal to buy things like that. I have to really want it for me or for someone else to spend a ton of money on it. And that’s not going to happen very often. I love finding a good sale, usually after the big event, and get the same thing for less money. It’s not the love of money that is my issue but when you have to buy gifts for many people it’s not always financially wise to spend major moola on things.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this. Do  you struggle with gift giving? What are some gifts you have given that ended up not being the awesome gift you thought it was going to be? What helpful tips do you have for people who struggle like me? Be nice, please. Leave me a comment or message me.

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