Brutally Honest

As our children grow up we teach them to be honest and to tell the truth, so what do we do if they are brutally honest? I want to teach my daughter to be honest, but how do I explain to her that her honesty is sometimes too much? She is only three and trying to explain something like that is hard. Some examples of kids being brutally honest are; a little girl with a lazy eye and I hear why is that girls eye all crazy? Why do you have polka dots (acne) on your face? Why are his teeth nasty (crooked)? You have scratch marks (stretch marks). You have a big tummy mommy, and the list goes on!

When I hear things like mentioned above I just want to facepalm. Do I get upset and irrational or do I try to explain that things like that shouldn’t be said? The last time my daughter said something brutally honest, of course I got upset and she knew by “the look” I gave her, that what she said was not okay. I tried to explain to her that what she said is being mean and that she needs to speak kind words to people. She’s three, does she really understand the difference between being honest nicely or being honest rudely?

I’m sure I’m not the only mom who experiences this kind of honesty. Please share your stories of your child/children being brutally honest and how did you deal with it? At what age do you think kids will finally understand the difference between kind honesty and rude honesty?

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