Stop and smell the roses

We have all heard that many times. Enjoy life! Right? Well, not always.

As moms we have so many things we take care of, think about, plan and oversee. We stay in this mode of just get it done. Whatever I can do to mark it off my list of things to do for the day as quickly as possible so I can move on to the next responsibility.

I was reading my devotion this morning and realized I wasn’t into it. I was reading it fast to let it be the next thing I’ve accomplished instead of truly taking it in and letting God speak to me. Then it hit me, this is what I do all day.

I am a stay at home mom. I clean all day for someone to come behind me and mess it back up. I cook but it’s never enough because let’s face it, I have 5 boys who love to eat and don’t ever seem to get full. All this to say, I need to get a sense of accomplishment. I look for ways of being able to see that my efforts aren’t in vain. I love to mow the grass because I can see the work I’ve done. I like to cut my family’s hair because I can see the change in how it looks. I like to vacuum because I can tell where my efforts have made a difference.

I need to know what I do and where I put my energy makes a difference. I need to know I am not wasting my time on everything in life. “Time is a predator that stalks you all your life” is a quote from Star Trek but makes so much sense to me. Time is a precious commodity. I want to spend my time doing things that matter.

My point is I don’t take the time to enjoy things in life. My devotions, my family, the journey all get zipped through so I can move on to the next thing on my list of responsibilities. I am missing out on so much because I am not enjoying the journey. That’s not to say my need for accomplishment is unwarranted but i do need to pause in certain moments to breathe, step back and see what’s really important.



This is my kids enjoying life while unpacking! They can make dreadful chores fun! I need to take notes from my kids and enjoy the craziness more!





Where do you feel you can enjoy life more? Leave me a comment or message me.


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