Madison Elder

I am a mother and a wife to a wonderful man to whom I could not do life without and to a beautiful little girl who stole my heart at the age of 17! Yes I said 17! I am currently 21 now and my little girl has hit the big number 3! I know people will read this and think oh she’s one of those girls that got pregnant as a teen, but I have accomplished a lot in the time of becoming a mother and if you so choose to stick with me then you will get to read about the accomplishments I have made and the hardships I have had to face. Although this won’t all be centered around being a teen mom, it’s a huge part of what made me, me!

    There are many topics I want to write about and share such as; wanting to express the struggles I went through with teenage pregnancy, and the aftermath of battling an illness that made me anorexic; Anxiety, depression, insecurities, co parenting, and infertility, but the biggest thing would be the faith, hope, and strength I found in Jesus Christ as I walk through this journey of momhood that is so unpredictable!

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