How do you make time for makeup?

Charity says:

Getting up early is crucial if I want it done right without forgetting any steps. Letting my kids sit on the toilet to watch and critique is always fun. Eyeliner is somehow supposed to go on my lips because that’s where it looks like it goes. Overall, I enjoy making my makeup routine a learning experience. Don’t forget to be silly, even if it means you wipe your foundation on like whiskers of a cat and chase around your kids like a playful kitten.

Madison says:

Honestly the only time I put make up on anymore is for a special occasion such as a wedding, family get together, or date night; otherwise I just go all natural! But if I do put makeup on the little one is playing, watching a movie, or right there with me wanting to get her makeup done too which I give a little blush on those sweet cheeks to make her feel extra gorgeous!

Lydia says:

Most days I don’t wear make up. When I do, it takes me less than 5 minutes to put it on. I may have to stop in the middle to take care of a kid issue but I usually just get it done as quickly as possible.

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