Life Happens

So I completely failed last Friday and didn’t post a blog. I was upset at my self that I didn’t make a post, but you know what life happens. I’m a mom, a wife, a caregiver, a daughter, and many more.

Last Friday was so crazy, I didn’t get much sleep the night before which called for a long day with crazy kids. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but coffee seemed like a must.

As I’ve mentioned before I watch my brother and sister in law during the week and we planned on staying the night for Livie’s birthday party on Saturday. To help with preparation for the party I asked my mother in law, Charity, what needed to be done around the house while she was at work.

I got the list of what she needed help with and my husband and I began working around the house while maintaining the three crazy toddlers. Let’s just say it was a long morning, but we got what we needed done and I accomplished baking 40 cupcakes!

I love being able to help people out anyway I can and to help Charity out while she’s busy at work all day so that she can come home to a clean house and can focus on getting party stuff ready then I’m going to make sure everything is ready to go by the time she gets home.

After Charity got off work all us girls set off to go shopping for decorations and food for the party. Now that took us all night, talk about a long day of cleaning and shopping. By the time we got back it was past 8:00pm and I honestly could of went to bed, but there were things that needed to be made that night for the party so I pushed through and ended up not going to bed till after midnight.

Going to bed after midnight and then having little ones who wake up really early called for another long day on Saturday. We all scrambled around to get everything done for the party and we were even still preparing everything when people started to arrive.

After a long couple of days everything turned out wonderful, but I didn’t even get to think about posting a blog until Saturday! There’s life right there… crazy, busy, chaotic, but all so amazing!


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