Kid Self Defense

Another kid or adult is being mean to your child at school, on the playground or in the neighborhood. How do you respond as a parent?

My first reaction is to jump in to protect my kid. I want to take that other person and give them a piece of my mind. If it’s a kid, I will try to teach them the correct way to handle it. Of course I give kids more leeway than adults. If it’s an adult, I want to shake them and say “You are an adult. You should be setting the example. Get it together!”

Now I will try to see what the situation is and make a informed judgement based on that. I know my kids aren’t perfect and will make mistakes but they are mine! Part of my job is to protect them. Another part is to discipline them if they are in the wrong. Which I will do in a heartbeat if it is needed.

The hard part is when I have to let them handle the situation on their own. When should I let them handle it? How long before I have to jump in? How will they learn to defend themselves or to resolve a situation if I jump in every time there is an issue? I have to teach them to have a good self esteem and be strong and smart to respond to the situation in the best way. Should they walk away from an idiot with a big mouth? Should they get in a fight with someone who is badgering them? Kids need direction and instruction.

It’s so tough to see my kids sad, hurt, overwhelmed! I want my kids to be happy, successful and thriving.  I am still learning this whole parenting thing and trying my best to raise my kids to be strong, respectful adults. You have to talk and teach your kids about these situations before they happen to prepare them.

We teach our kids to take the high road and try to ignore people who are just being annoying, however, as soon as someone puts their hands on you it’s up to you to defend yourself. You never throw the first punch but you make them wish they never messed with you if they do touch you. I am the peacemaker and my husband is the fighter. We have all boys so the peacemaker side of me gets overruled when it comes to these situations. Our boys have to learn to protect and defend themselves so they can do the same when they get older and have a family.

How do you handle these situations? Are you the over protector, straight disciplinarian, stand back, or a little bit of all? Do you tell your kids to fight back or walk away? Leave me a comment on your thoughts on the issue.

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