Bedtime Routine

Photo by Charity Woods

Bedtime at our house used to be stuff from nightmares, but since we have put a full routine into effect, it has gotten a lot smoother. One thing that I learned is that kids need routine, they don’t even realize how much they need it. It doesn’t matter what that routine is, as long as there is one. Even if it is dancing for 10 minutes (which I don’t recommend for winding down), or it is reading a book or singing a lullaby. The “constant” will put your child at ease and allows them to calm themselves down enough to fall asleep quickly.

Photo by Charity Woods

Now, how do you develop a routine you may ask? Well, I have just the thing to get you started. The first thing that you should do every night no matter how tired, cranky, or emotional you are is hug and kiss your kids. The affirmation of love and acceptance from the parental figure is essential to the ever-changing negative climate we live in. Our kids have grown to accept this form of affection with open arms. *giggles*

The second thing you should do is physically take your child to bed. Let your face be the last one they see. Tuck them in, cover them up or fluff their pillow. Show them that comfort is important in order for their bodies to relax and get proper sleep. I am not sure if you have ever had one of your kids fall asleep in a weird position, but sometimes you just think to yourself, but how?

Photo by Charity Woods

The tactics of “Just let them sleep where they fall” isn’t a great way to make your bedtime routine any easier. Make sure you at least make sure their basic needs are met to eliminate the constant calls from their bed:

  • Had a drink of water.
  • Gone potty.
  • Hugs and Kisses.
  • Tucked In
  • Say, “Good Night, I love you!”

Now does this always work so that you’ll never be summoned to them, well no, but with time and consistency, those summonings will happen less and less.

I look forward to bedtime now. I know that within a few minutes they will be fast asleep and I can actually get something done. I would love to know what is all a part of your bedtime routine, or if you have one at all in the comments below!


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