Teepee Joy


Are you the type that loves to create custom decor for your kids? I am so the type, but I also love to see what I can DIY before I buy. But I was approached by this company TeePee Joy and was asked if I was interested in checking out their affiliate program. As you are aware, we do not have ads on this blog as of yet and we want to monitor the type of items that are advertised here.

Of all the products that we do want to promote, this company is right up our alley with handmade custom products designed for children. Just to give you a little excerpt from their website,

You can design your own family teepee set with 100s of combinations to choose from, or pick from a beautiful selection of pre-designed teepees.

Every single piece we create is sewn in our small shop, here in Illinois. We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

We are so lucky to have jobs that allow us to promote creativity, imagination, and smiles in kids everywhere

The thing that stuck out to me is that this company really does have the child in mind when they designed and marketed this product. Not only do they sell teepees, but custom pillows, teepee mats, and curtains as well. They are definitely worth checking out.

If you are interested in looking them up, please use this link as we will be supported by your purchases as well. I would love to know your comments and opinions on this site in the comments below!

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