When I was a little girl I started out by doing gymnastics, then I went on to doing dance and cheer leading. Dance was my passion, I loved going every week! I made great friends, and the dance studio I attended would host sleepovers right there at the building, it was always so much fun. Then there was the dance recitals that we would all work months on preparing for and we would get costumes to go with our dance routine and then when the time came we got to preform in front of hundreds of people. As I got older I became an assistant dance teacher for awhile and then eventually I stopped doing anything involved with dance.

When I found out I was having a girl immediately I began to think about how I can not wait to put my daughter in dance classes. I wanted her to enjoy the hobby I had so much passion for. I know I had a couple years before she would be able to do that but I couldn’t help dream about it.

As my daughter got older and began to crawl, stand up, and walk; she has shared a passion for music. She always was and still does dance to music that comes on and even sings her little heart out. From the moment she started shaking her little booty I knew she was going to follow in my foot steps.

So here we are, she is now 3 and almost 4 and we are going to start the journey of dance. She so badly wants to be in dance classes and tells me all the time about how she wants to go. I want nothing more than to help her pursue the hobby she is interested in.

The biggest thing right now is money and time. I have a huge appreciation for my mom and how she managed a full time job and still made the time to take me to and from dance and to putting in the money for costumes, tights, dance shoes, anything I needed to make my dreams come true. Now it’s my turn! My turn to make my own daughters dreams come true!

The hobby journey is about to start and I look forward to taking my daughter to dance and seeing the excitement and enjoyment she will get from it. To become a stage mom and help her get into that costume, and to watch her dance her heart out on stage for recital.


What hobbies are you most excited for your child/children to start? Are they taking on your passions?


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