Here goes nothing!

   Moms, we all know the saying here goes nothing…but it’s not just nothing, it’s anything and everything you could possibly think of. As I have been trying to think of what to write about in my first blog post without trying to be all serious, I have had a difficult time doing so. We started this blog to be real and raw and so here it goes! I honestly had no clue what to write about, I tried to come up with everything I possibly could, but I realized it’s okay if I don’t know what to write about just do what I know best and write! Write to make a connection, write to reach out to someone else out there even if it’s just one person!

   Obviously I’m knew at this, I’m no professional at blogging, but I do know what it takes to be a mom, a friend, a listener, and the good and bad times that come along with all of it! I’m going to tell you a little secret….this blogging thing and having my own Facebook page that friends and family can see and read scares the sh** out of me! I’m definitely not one to tell the whole world about my problems in life unless we are close or you’ve been through it with me, so here I am spilling my story out for all you moms to see and read!

   One of the reasons this blog has made its appearance is to show other moms out there that they are not alone. We all have our own problems in life, our own way of parenting, our own way of momming and that’s absolutely perfect! You see we ALL are not perfect, none of us, but we try our hardest to be and that’s what matters! I want to be able to encourage moms to find their confidence, to get their mojo back, or if they simply need a friend or need advice I will be here for that too! I don’t want Mom shaming or bullying! I want peace, love, and support for all the hard working moms out there getting by day to day!

   There is so much negativity going around towards mom’s for the way they parent or live, and I want this to be a place of hope and comfort! Enjoy the peace we are going to instill into this blog, like I’m enjoying the peace and quiet because it’s nap time in this household!

  “Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up.” 1 Thess. 5:5

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