Friendly Reminders

Do you ever get those friendly reminders in your life that feel like déjà vu? Have you been talking to someone about a situation and then you are doing something later that connects all the dots? Sometimes you may not even realize that something didn’t make sense until a light bulb comes on in your brain and you see things in a whole new light.

I love to mow the grass because it gives me a little bit of quiet time and I get to see the progress I am making. You have to maintain it often. When you let it go it takes a lot more to fix what you missed. Since it has been raining a lot lately the weeds in my grass have grown so much it’s even harder than usual to mow. I have to go over the same spot at least twice if not more to get the job done. It’s frustrating, takes more time and energy, and exhausting!

As I was mowing yesterday I was reminded about parenting being a long term commitment.  Sometimes it takes going over things (instructions, discipline, correction) twice or more to be able to get the job done (getting your kids to understand). Everytime I needed to go over a patch of “grass” more than once, it was like God reminding me that’s what needs to be done with my kids. If I want to do this whole parenting thing right, I am going to have to put forth the effort. I will get tired! I will get annoyed! It will take longer! But IT WILL BE WORTH IT!!!!

This is the most recent of friendly reminders for me. What is one of your friendly reminders? Please share with me in the comments.

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