The Winter Flu and Bugs

As I posted last Friday about my daughter not feeling good she was fine by the end of the day and as I get home from dropping her off with her father, I receive a text from my mother in law saying my sister in law Livie has a fever. Immediately I start cleaning my house, spraying it down and washing clothes and blankets.

As I predicted Livie ended up having the flu and I was taking no chances of letting that nasty bug come into my home. Monday comes around and she was the only one who got the flu thank goodness, but in return I swapped one bug for another. Avarie and I came down with the awful head cold.

Luckily Avaries stayed pretty contained and just had some sniffles and cough, but it has taken me a full week to finally start feeling like myself again. Cough medicine, Vicks, nose spray, and toilet paper have been my best friend all week! I lost my voice and I couldn’t taste my food or drinks!

The worst part of being sick is when you have a child sick with you. Avarie was whiny and wanted to be on me, however, I felt terrible and didn’t want to be hanged on. That Mom instinct that you need and want to be there for your child when they are sick, but what do you do when your sick too!?

Thankfuly Avarie wasn’t feeling bad for long, and I have a wonderful husband who took great care of me. He made sure to tuck me in on the couch with a movie on and make dinner.

What do you other moms do when the nasty bugs run through your home in this winter time? How do you find balance between taking care of your sick kids and taking care of yourself who is sick?

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