The screams

I am a mom of 5 boys. They love to wrestle, run, jump, go crazy 24/7. It’s so much fun! They have tons energy!!!

The not so fun part is the screams. Now this could mean multiple things.

Someone could be playing the part of a dinosaur or other ferocious animal who needs to roar at the top of their lungs.

They could be playing tag or any other game and get really excited.

They could be having a meltdown.


They could be making noise because… you can fill in the blank.

I am the type of mom who doesn’t jump up and scramble to figure out the problem every time they scream. It would not be healthy for me. I have to see blood (more than just a little scratch) or realize it’s something serious for me to get concerned. Even then, we have had so many bumps, bruises, falls and what nots that I may comfort them for a minute and then they are ready to go back and play. So why make myself all upset over something that’s not truly bad?

A lot of the time, things are devastating to them (for a brief moment) but aren’t really a big deal. Someone took my toy and it’s the end of my world in this moment so I will scream as loud as i can to get everyone’s attention. One of my sons has the same scream for something minor as something more serious. Anyone remember “the boy who cried wolf”? That is my son. He screams and falls down dramatically anytime something minor happens and makes me always think it’s really nothing.

I really do love my boys and want the best for them. Sometimes that means they have to cry and handle things on their own. It’s a part of growing up.

How do you handle the screams from your kids? Do you run to them overtime just to make sure everything is ok? Do you let them come to you? Leave me a comment

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