As my morning started I got told by my daughter, Avarie, that her tummy hurt; but we had to still get ready for the day because I had to go to work. Luckily my job is going to another house to watch my brother and sister in law so if she was going to be sick at least she could be sick there too without having to worry about day care.

I got my self ready and then got her ready, as I’m putting on my boot she starts to gag and I knew she was going to throw up. She starts going towards the bathroom with me following behind as I limp with one boot on and one boot off to make sure she makes it to the toilet in time and I hold her hair back. That’s Mom life right there, where’s our personal hair holder when we are sick?

Avarie throws up, but she has a very sensitive stomach and if she has any mucus at all it makes her sick. I’m assuming that’s what is going on, so I grab a small trash can and a towel and we get in my husbands truck to make our way to work. Thankful my husband is off today because I had to unbuckle twice and hold the trash can in front of Avarie for her to gag and throw up into.

Being myself, if anyone is sick around me it’s like my body will mimic their symptoms. Here I am with Avarie feeling sick, so all of a sudden I start feeling sick too like I’m going to throw up! Talk about a long car ride!

The whole time I’m praying please not the flu, please not the flu! We don’t need that in our household, and thank goodness I don’t think it is. She had some medicine and crackers and is feeling better for the time being!

How do you handle your child/children being sick?



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