Quality Time

So, as most of you know by now, I am a full-time working mom. I leave my house around 7:30am and don’t return until after 5:00pm. During this time, I am very blessed to have a sitter that comes to my home and cares for my kids as she does her own. I trust her inside my home and I will be forever grateful for the blessings she provides to our family.

With all that said, there was some transportation issues, and I was able to stay home with my babies. I absolutely LOVED being there. Not only was I able to clean my house while teaching them to pick up after themselves, but I was also able to put dinner in a crockpot and forget about it until daddy came home. This left me a whole day to spend with my kids.

We woke up and we all had breakfast. Listening to them laugh and be silly warms my heart and I can’t even tell you how full my heart was in that moment. Next, we decided that we were going to play a little bit. They cooked me a lot of pretend food and my son decided to school me on the proper noises that trucks and cars make.

After we played, it was time for lunch. We ate some left over beef stroganoff and they made sure to tell me that they didn’t want any meat, just noodles. Which is just fine by me, less arguments over whether or not they eat. We laughed so hard at lunch as miles slurped his noodle and it touched his nose.

Nap time! I was both happy and sad that nap time was upon us. I was happy because I knew that they both needed one desperately, but I was sad because we were having so much fun. I laid them both down and gave them kisses and snuggles, and they actually went to sleep with no fuss. No getting up and down or asking for a drink or this or that, just sleep.

So I started watching a movie. I do not watch much TV at all. If it were up to me, I probably would rarely even have it turned on. But, in the quiet of this moment, I decided to watch a movie that was quiet, one that I normally wouldn’t attempt if they were awake. It was nice to relax and let my mind go. My daughter woke up first and joined me for another movie and my son woke up soon after that was over. After the movies were over, we had some time for snap chat fun. They both love all the cool things that snap does with your face.

I wanted to get some stuff done around the house so I let them play on their own in their rooms. An argument soon followed, both yelling at the top of their lungs. After snapping them out of the screaming match, I sat them both down and taught them how to pay attention when someone is talking to them. Look them inĀ  the eyes and keep our hands to our sides. I discussed with them how it is their job to protect one another, not fight. I made them hug it out and we were back to playing.

All in all, it was a wonderful day of quality time with my babies. I may not be able to spend a quantity of time with them, but the time I do have, is quality time. To me, there is no better gift. Tell me about an unexpected time that you got to spend time with your family. What did you do?

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