Never say “Never”

Before I became a mom, I would say things like “my child will never act up in public” or “I will never do ______ with/to my child”.  I had this idea in my head about how it was going to go. It was going to be hard but perfect because I am going to raise my kids “right”! LOL!!!!!

Boy, did I get a rude awakening!

Everything I said “never” about has happened.

Here’s an example: My kids have been the child(ren) to act up in public (on multiple occasions and sometimes multiple kids)! It can be at the grocery store, church, my job, the park, anywhere really. It’s so very embarrassing but then you may catch eyes with another mom and you give each other a proverbial high five because she understands what your going through. My kids are crazy sometimes with tons of energy. They are also just kids, and boys at that. At times I try to embrace the chaos I call life while other times it overwhelms me. I do discipline my kids and am pretty strict in some areas but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. They are still learning, adjusting and need guidance.

Everyones “ never” may be different depending on your personality and upbringing but I think y’all get my drift.

All this to say, throw expectations of parenting out the window. Life as a mom is constantly changing. You may think you have your child figured out and then they do a 180 turn on you. Whatever the situation is, it’s most likely new for both you and that individual child. Each child is different and handles things differently than other kids, even siblings.

Be flexible.

Be understanding.

Love them and show it!

Do you have a “never” moment or story? Share it with me and how it impacts your situation.

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