Lydia Nobles

Who am I? I am a woman of many titles and responsibilities (as most moms are). I am first and foremost a Christian and strive to put God at the head of my life. I am by no means perfect, but I want to live a life shining God’s light for others to see Him through me.

I have been married since 2005 to a wonderful man! We have had our ups and downs but God has brought us through them, scars and all. I got married at age 20 and got pregnant right away. I have 5 kids, all boys! I have had 2 miscarriages along the way. Mom life is so exhausting and rewarding. We need to come together to build each other up in all our craziness.

I want to share things that have helped me and how I manage the real, raw everyday life. I will be writing about having a biracial marriage and kids, miscarriages, boy mom life, big family fun, depression, and more. I hope to be an encouragement to someone out there who feels like no one understands.

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