How do you handle tantrums in public places?

Photograph by Charity Woods

Charity says: I have handled this several ways. The first way I deal with it is trying to talk to them. I rarely yell so I don’t want to bring that into the situation. If I can’t handle it that way, I threaten with a bathroom visit which requires a harsher punishment. If that still doesn’t solve it, either the other parent will sit with them in the car or if I am alone, we will leave. I have never gotten to the point where I leave yet. I have to also gauge if naps have been taken or if other stressors have an impact in the situation.

Photograph by Madison Elder

Madison Says: Oh boy, I had a hard time dealing with this when my little one was between the age of one and two, being a first time mom I wasn’t sure how to handle it and often felt embarrassed. I would try to distract her or take the focus off of whatever was causing her to be upset if nothing worked I honestly just left the place I was at like the grocery store. Now I know not to be embarrassed because every Mom deals with this issue so I try to distract once again and tell her what she’s doing is not okay, if it’s really bad then it’s a spanking and if she’s crying for no reason then I just let it happen and embrace walking around with a crying child!

Photograph by Lydia Nobles

Lydia says: Depending on the situation, having understanding with the child. If it’s just being ugly, addressing it differently than if the kid is tired, hurt, unable to express their distress another way, etc. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking the kid aside and talking to them about what’s going on. Some kids need attention and can’t find ways to let you know. Being ugly or disrespectful is not an option in public or private though.

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