Charity Woods

Being a mom is exhausting. You are surrounded by little people that NEED something from you at every turn. Each moment can be a learning or teaching experience, whether we are the student or the teacher. I wake up each morning with a list of expectations for the day, and each night I go to bed with an unfinished list. But I don’t let that stop me from getting up or getting too discouraged, because let’s face it, discouragement is a HUGE part of motherhood. I love my family and my role as a mom and I wouldn’t’ change it for the world.

With all that being said, let me introduce you to my family. First off I have two toddlers with my fiance’, a preteen daughter and a young man from my previous marriage, and three young adult men from my fiance’s previous marriage, one of which is engaged to a wonderful young lady who has a child. Wait? Seven kids and one grandchild? Seriously?! Yes, and I won’t apologize for being a mother for any of them. I love every single one of them as if they were my only ones. Each one of them can rely on me and I will be there without hesitation, despite the many negative people that feel their opinions are valid.

Discussing depression and discouragement is critical to the healthy psych of every mother. No one is perfect. WHAT?! That’s what I said, NO ONE is perfect. Even the mothers that seem to have everything put together tend to have a hair out of place somewhere. Being a mom is hard work. You have to know when to hold back, when to let go and when to be silent.

This blog is important to me because I feel as though so many moms suffer in silence unnecessarily. I wanted to create a place where all moms can voice the raw truths of motherhood. I want to change the way we look at not only ourselves, but the other moms we meet. This world is filled with enough hate that we should embrace our differences and learn from each other instead of judging and isolating one another. I love being a mom and I am so blessed to be surrounded by other wonderfully different moms that I can look up to.

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